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I was talking recently about someone in my professional life who I am really proud of.  Besides the fact that she is a friend and her success is great news, her success is even more special because I think I played a partial role in it.

As a leader or manager, this feels great.  As a friend, it feels great.  As a human being who loves to help others along the way, it feels great.

Is there someone in your life who you can say the same thing about?

When we study leadership, we focus on the people we lead. But so often, that focus goes to the successful completion of the work or projects or strategies that we are working on.  But what about the individuals themselves and their successes.  Great leaders take pride in their people – not just the current state but the future state as well.  Where they end up.  Where they go next.  The awards, recognition and promotions that came along the way

As a leader or manager, take pride in developing talent.  Be proud of them as they walk out the door to something bigger and better.  You can replace them – get over it.  Hopefully, if you did a great job in training, coaching and mentoring, they will recognize the role you played.  But if not – so what.  You can still be proud of your results.

I am a serial entrepreneur and a dreamer.  I come up with new ideas all the time, which comes with good news and bad news.  

The good news is that some of these ideas, well under 50% admittedly, are good ones: ideas that could serve my community well, or employ many people or even, shockingly, be profitable. 

The bad news is that sometimes (OK… often) my ideas don’t stand up well to the Strategy Stress Test (SST).  In fact, last year, I was cut-off from any new ideas unless it was given the OK by my coach and by my wife/business partner.  From that day on, I had to include these two individuals in my own SST.

We all need an SST – organizationally, professionally and personally.  We need a test that will put our strategic plans through the scrutiny that will ideally help avoid disasters or disappointment in the future.  

I would love to be able to present a perfect SST that will fit all organizations and all individuals, but I cannot. Every strategic plan is unique and thus every SST is unique.


 El análisis de riesgos en los proyectos, dentro de la globalidad existente, es una herramienta necesaria y fundamental ante el actual mercado competitivo. Sin duda, esta clase de sucesos siempre ha existido y de una manera u otra se han tenido que afrontar.

Dada la complejidad de los proyectos, se ha de realizar una adecuada gestión que garantice un uso eficiente de los recursos. No solo es necesario plasmar una planificación estratégica de los portafolios o programas de las compañías, además se debe analizar cada proyecto de manera específica con independencia de su tipología y singularidad para desarrollar la identificación de los sucesos.

Implantar de manera defectuosa la gestión de riesgos, o no hacerla con las herramientas adecuadas, es una de las principales causas de fracaso de los proyectos.

Por todo esto, hay que llevar adelante una planificación estratégica de la organización como un conjunto de buenas intenciones; además, se deben desarrollar mecanismos que los plasmen en la práctica.

De estas necesidades se estableció una serie de metodologías, normas, buenas prácticas o estándares y sistemas de gestión de riesgos: PMI®, IPMA®, COSO®, ISO®, etc.